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Remote Control

Life is what happens in the ad breaks

22 December
Lyndarama; writer, educator, artist, keen disco dancer.

Lynda started life in a tin humpy at 32 Scum Terrace, Budgewoi with her parents Lozenge and Job. With her brother Pork and sister Nutty she hit the road at an early age, forming the Rotary-sponsored 'Solid Gold Dancers'. Later, an American broadcasting corporation stole the concept for the show and the group disbanded. Nutty went onto establish the Raisin Ranch group of Senior Citizen Centres and Nursing Homes; Pork formed the award-winning Captain Colgate Travelling Show: visiting remote and impoverished communities to promote oral hygiene awareness. Lynda can be found wandering the streets of most major cities, tap-dancing for spare change.

The other, far less interesting Lynda works in education and lives in the Tropics. She writes and draws and laughs at her own lame jokes. Lynda is available for workshops, children's parties and trivia nights.

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