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good journalism

One of the 'journalists' on the left hand side of this photo had the gall to ask Bruce and Denise Morcombe if they were 'prepared for the fact that not all of the bones (of their deceased son, missing for 8 years) would be found'. Mrs Morcombes reaction was pure disgust, as expected. Nice job people. A credit to your profession...

For some reason, the assembled throng of 'journalists' remind me of kids dressed up in their mum's clothes. The one on the far right looks like a dishevelled Winona Ryder. And the one in the foreground, who appears to be bored as shit by the whole experience, looks like she's thinking something derogatory about something - perhaps if she looked in the mirror and realised she was dressed like a pre-90's secretary she'd wipe the scowl off her face somewhat.

But probably not.

I wonder which one said it, and how they think that's an appropriate question to ask? It's not good journalism, it's plain crass, even if the question might be on people's minds.

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