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Took myself with my big warm coat and hopped on a jaunty flight to Sydneyville, a little town down South. Stayed at a very clean and reasonable Y and enjoyed wandering the Park in the morning, although it was not nearly as cold as it was expected to be. The conference itself was some kind of executive-level talkfest, where I felt quite out of place in the salubrious surrounds until I performed my little paper in a pique of nervous energy, which impressed many both near and far.

Had dinner with J at our old haunt, Betty's Soup Kitchen, now sadly slowly going down the gurgler due to increasing rents and decreasing patronage. The $9 soup (Potato and Leek, free bread on the side) is heartwarmingly good and all too cheap considering the location.

Oxford Street is a busy beehive of cyclists and convenience stores, and every second shop is a bloody franchise - very different from the days of old. I didn't want to ask J where the Pop Shop went to - one can only imagine. Apparently they have a Facebook fan page...which really means diddly-squat in retailing. At least REMO is still around, although they're increasingly in Sale mode most of the time. It can only spell bad things.

Spent some time shopping, sipping and supping with my sis, caught up with the elderly relations, and generally had a very quick, low key trip to the place of my birth and home for much of my life.
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