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all grown up

Surely one of the signs you're growing up is the acquisition of grown-up cutlery? Actual, expensive, comes in a fancy box not on a plastic stand like a picnic set kind of cutlery?

For some, their first set of cutlery was probably provided them by a mother intent on filling a Glory Box in anticipation of a future involving a husband and chillins to cook for, but all I ever had in a Glory Box was a couple of Hurricane glasses won in a drinking contest.

Speaks volumes really.

Perhaps the sign of growing up is the consideration of upgrading to grown up objects to replace or supplement things we already have obtained: I reckon I'm onto my third set of cutlery, and all have been paid for myself, save for the skerricks of handmedown kitchen utensils I was given in a post-kitchen cleaning moment. So the consideration of purchasing a set of knives and forks in addition to the utilitarian everyday ones I normally use is somewhat of a grown-up move.

For me right now that is: I know for many folks the sign of growing up is breeding and betrothing, but as those things are not likely to occur on the Lynda front, let's just say acquiring something of a grown up nature is limited to objects for me. Yes, yes: breeding and betrothing can ultimately be achieved by both children and morons and do unromantic fact involve acquiring objects, but let's not get into an intellectual discussion about that.

And yes: I have actually made very grown up decisions already in life: the purchase of motor vehicles, the successful application to an overseas university, several thousands of dollars on airline tickets, and the acquisition of a pet. Grown up decision was also required to undertake the commitment to a mortgage and then undertake to extract myself from said mortgage - both of which decisions were made sans partner and parents.

Actually, all of the decisions listed above were undertaken sans partner and parents. How's that for grown up?

So I should imagine the decision to purchase, or not to purchase will ultimately come down to this: when, what colour, and from where. I am quite blessed that I not only get to make this decision myself, but that this is just about the biggest decision I need to make at 9pm on a Friday night. I'm pretty sure there are people somewhere having far better conversations about waaaaayyyyy more important things. But this is what we have here. And that's OK.

For now, I am focusing on the fork...and knife and two spoons.

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