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mad organisational skillz

It may just be my not-so latent OCD, but I feel the need to organise some things in my life. First on the list: computer files. Stupid little documents all strewn about the hard drive higgedly-piggedly. This will not be as big a task as organising my photograph files, which are not only skewiff but also duplicated all over the place, so I will attack the former task before embarking on operation Photographic Evidence Clean Up.

Everyone else does this kind of thing, don't they? Or do they just plan to and never get round to it? I am hoping it won't be the same kind of debacle as Let's Burn All the CDs onto the Hard Drive, a task which lasted all of two weeks before I got bored with the whole process and moved into something else.

A really super nerdy part of me wants to take time off work and just get really organised - for what, I am not sure: the Apocalypse will surely obviate any need to practice the fine art of tidiness. And if the ramblings on Facebook are any indication, some people really do think some kind of Apocalypse is coming.

Regardless, the imminent demise of our species will just have to wait until I have sorted out these damn duplicates.

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