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decision time - on renaming and relocating

This here blog has been in my name for a rather long time, and while I have largely enjoyed the process, it is pretty obvious I am not posting with the regularity I once was. Not for the first time I have considered packing up shop and trying something different somewhere else. In the interim, I'll be renaming the blog and starting afresh under a pseudonym. One of the services that Livejournal still does provide is the ability to pay for a new name and for the old blog to not redirect to the new one.

Which is what I want - I have a sudden and pressing need to have a more private space than my very uncommon name will allow me to have - this blog is too easily Googled for my liking, and I find I am 1. struggling to maintain my interest in blogging lately because I am b) too conscious of who is reading and 3) sometimes subject to rude emails and comments from those who one would probably ask the question if given the opportunity why are you reading about me if you don't like me and as such I find I am d) self-censoring, which was never my intention.

There's also the fact of all that rubbish bloody spam I'm getting via the comments - which is what is leading me away from Livejournal in a big way.

So a couple of things are going to happen in the near future: I am going to rename and then eventually relocate this blog, and when it is relocated I will be closing my old sadly neglected and all-too expensive website. And then I will still be on the internet, I just will be a little harder to find. Probably not very, given I want all my content in the one place and some of it may be recognisable by the various search engines. But it will be great to be able to post journal entries and upload some of the writing I have been doing while I haven't been updating my website.

Oh sure: if you've been reading and commenting for years and such, you'll be first on my list of people who get the email saying 'here I am'. But I'd like to be Googled and my professional stuff takes precedence over this blog, which is basically just me venting, bragging, sooking and soforth. There's a place for both on the interwebs, but just not in the same domain name and under the same all too easily found name.

So basically, if you like this blog, and you want to keep reading, you'll need to let me know of your existence if I don't already - I will be sending an email to those folks I know read my manic missives, but if you're out there and I never knew you existed, please let me know sometime in the next week, 'k? And thanks for reading all this time.

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