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break week

Its Break Week this week in the world of academia, and I for one am exhaustipated.

Some astute eagle-eyed viewers may have noted my absence from these pages for a good month, and let me tell you, it has been a good month of busyness and business, and of making some decisions and starting some new projects and of being away and coming back, which is always nice because it means time spent with the little feller and he's such a wonderful little bloke and the absolute consistent coming-home to in my life.

He's a lovely kid, and takes a good photo:

So I got that, at least.

I have on my to-do list a bunch of backed-up blogs, which I will post forthwith as if I was never really gone. There was a vague plan - a promise - what have you, to blog consistently and regularly, but then the overloaded Term interrupted and my second half of the year is looking almost as busy as the first half.

But never fear, because I have two more commitments this month, then virtually nothing until mid November, which is always a good time to skedaddle and travel, innit? Ja.

So let's backdate this here thing, reveal a little bit of the comings and goings, and generally catch up. How have you been?
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